Core Concepts of NLP Subconscious Mastery


1) NLP – It’s History & Development.

2) Conscious & Unconscious Mind
     Relevance – Horse — Rider

3) Pillars of NLP

4) Communication Model

5) State
     Explanation—Behaviour & State
     Change State through Physiology

6) Presuppositions
     Exercise —

  • 1. How Your life would change if You believe these Presuppositions to be True
  • 2. Pick the Presuppositions that are challenging you the most & explore How life would change if you start believing them to be true.

7) Sub-modalities
     Relation Between PIR, Behaviour & State
     Eg– PIR & Phobia
     Association & Dissociation
     Erasing Painful Past Memories
     Boosting Positive Memories

8) Swish
     Congruence & Incongruence
     Technique for Behaviour Change

9) Representational System
     Understanding Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetic Modes through Content, Voice Sub-modalities, Physiology, Eye Patterns

10) Sensory Rich Language
       Written/Vocal Exercises

11) Anchoring
       Explanation of Concept of Anchoring
       Stacking of Anchors
       Exercise for Installing an Anchors
       Testing the Anchor
       Collapsing an Anchor (Advanced)
       Circle of Confidence

12) Phobia Buster
       Explanation about Double Dissociation
       Phobia Buster Technique

13) Rapport
       Explanation of Concept
       Ingredients of Communication
       Mirroring & Matching
       Pacing & Leading

14) Meta Model
       Surface Structure & Deep Structure
       Overcoming Generalization, Deletion & Distortion through questions
       Practice Exercises

15) Milton Model
       Up Time & Down Time
       Language Patterns
       Ericksonian Hypnosis

16) Meta Programs
       Understanding different Meta programs

17) Outcome
       Exercise— Build an Outcome

18) Perceptual Positions

19) Disney Creative Strategy

20) Neurological Alignment
       Explanation of Neurological Levels

21) Self Image Transformation
       Explanation—Self Image
       Bubble Exercise