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Beliefs - Our window to see the world

We see the world, but what will we see depends largely on what beliefs we have. People have different beliefs and thus see the world differently. You can consider it similar to the example that if a group of people is wearing goggles of different colors they will have a separate view of the same scene. Hence the message is very loud & clear that BELIEFS play very important role in our life. 

First, we copy the beliefs of those with whom we interact. 

Do you remember when did you start learning from others? Yes, the answer is - since the time when you were born in this world. As a child, you learned to walk, speak, dance, ride cycle, read and everything you do today, by copying others. In NLP we call it modeling and your unconscious mind is definitely an expert at it. The strange fact is that we also learn or model beliefs of people with whom we constantly interact. In the process of growing up, sometimes our unconscious mind, unfortunately, learns to react, get angry, feel depressed and hate. So the environment plays a vital role in the formation of beliefs. You would be familiar with the saying - A man is known by the company he keeps. What exactly happens is that we adopt their beliefs & behaviors. Thus we become like them, in the association with positive & optimistic people, we become positive & optimistic. Whereas in the association of negative & critics, we become similar. No doubt that exception are there but I am sure that you will agree that it's a major influencing factor. You can definately figure out some of your friends & family members with whom your opinions match. 

Second, from the environment of our upbringing.

It's often said that we are the product of our environment. Actually, our environment is a huge information provider for our mind and our mind consistently processes this information to create the understanding of the world in which we live. So our view of the world gets created resulting in the formation of beliefs. If you are born in a family where there are a lot of relationships issues with the relatives or even parents. Your mind can easily generate poor beliefs about people & relationships. The power of belief is so strong that this one belief can be sufficient enough to hamper the quality of your life. In the same way, if you are raising your children in an environment where TV is their babysitter then you can't imagine what kind of beliefs they might adopt.

Third, from some specific events that take place in your life.

A wonderful fact about the unconscious mind is that it learns the things very rapidly. Sometimes even a single event plants a belief deep down in your unconscious mind which influences your perception. Recall a time when someone very relevant for you, might be your favorite teacher, told the whole class that this person is very intelligent and can solve even those problems that are difficult for others. How your beliefs about yourself changed that day, how you started feeling motivated to solve the problems difficult for others. In the present scenario, such events don't take place often but I surely wish that this should happen. I would encourage you to develop a habit of giving such compliments, you never know which of your statements will change the life of someone.

Let's take another example, a road accident once occurred by the mistake of someone else can change your belief about people that how serious they are about the value of the life of others.

Fourth, from Knowledge you acquire. 

We as human are consistent learners, we learn from the success as well as failure stories. When we read an autobiography, learn a new skill, listen to a success story, go through a training session or watch a motivational video - we acquire new empowering beliefs. If all these are not in your "to do list" or I should say "love to do list", you are missing out a very important ingredient in the recipe of success. Those who enjoy success journey have a different belief system than the average and failures. The reason behind it is not their luck but their habit of consistent learning of inspirational contents.

Fifth, your past experiences.

You can consider your unconscious mind similar to a Hard Disk which has unlimited storage space. The amazing fact is that our mind responds to any event we encounter with the reference from the experiences of our past. The memories of our past play the role of a huge database that provides us the reference for our perception. If you have tried some approach to get something done and it did not work for you, you may acquire the belief that it does not work. Let’s take an example, suppose you are having a relationship issue with your life partner and someone suggests you talk to your partner on that topic, you may strongly feel it useless because of your similar past experience. Most people feel that "Success is not in my destiny" after failing just a few times. This is not due to logical reasons or their inability but due to the belief that they have adopted.

Sixth, the perception of future.

Whatever perception you have of your future, you create matching beliefs. If you see your future dark & unclear, you will acquire self-defeating beliefs to make it happen. On the contrary, if you see your future bright & compelling; you will acquire empowering beliefs to make it happen. It's always better to do all that you can do, keep yourself excited about your future. it might be writing down your Goals, visualizing them or talking to an encouraging friend about your goals. Suppose there are two sales person Mr. A and Mr. B of same qualification & skills in the same company. Mr. A has a perception that his company is growing and will double its turnover this year, on the other hand, Mr. B feels that his company might experience a downfall this year. Who do you think will be more enthusiastic in his work Mr. A or Mr. B? Yes, you guessed it right and it's all due to the way they perceive the future.  

There are certain Beliefs which are common in every successful person who ever walked on earth. We will learn The Life changing beliefs in the next Chapter…