Success System for Trainers, Counselors & Coaches

1st to 6th December 2018 | GOA

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Only 5% Professionals in the Self-Development Industry actually create BIG NAME, FAME, WEALTH & PASSIVE INCOME and the rest 95% just keep on struggling to survive.

There is a SUCCESS SYSTEM that these Top 5% Professionals use to create the Success that they enjoy. And, here is an opportunity for You to learn this SUCCESS SYSTEM by Joining this Train The Trainers Program - "SUCCESS SYSTEM for Trainers, Counselors & Coaches", that took me 5+ years to Discover & Develop. I wish, I would have got this System when I started my career, my 5 years would have been saved. So, I strongly recommend you to take the help of this system - It will save your Time, money & Efforts and will speed up Your Success.

Whether you are new & wish to create a Fortune in this field or You are already in this Industry & want to multiply your Success manifolds - "THIS PROGRAM IS A MUST JOIN FOR YOU"!

In this program, I will be working hand in hand with You for next 6 Months and if You follow my Success System, by the end of these 6 Months You will be an established Motivator, Trainer, Counselor & Coach.

I would like to tell You in advance that "The System works if you work on it" and thus it requires lots of Passion & Commitment. So, if you are that much committed this System is for you!

This Success System will include 3 Phases - 

6 DAY Success System Workshop

Day 1: Clarity of Your Niche, Target Audience, Identity & Purpose.

Day 2: Develop the Structure of Your Modules & Products.

Day 3: Learn the Strategy to Brand Yourself.

Day 4: Learn the Marketing Strategies.

Day 5: Learn the NLP based Delivery Skills to impact your audience.

Day 6: Integrating the Business System into Your Life.

Assignment Program

Following Time Bound Assignments will be given & tracked during the entire 6 Months Period to help You Develop & Establish Yourself in the field of Training, Counseling & Coaching. 

  • Build Your Website
  • Build Your Profile
  • Social Media Activity
  • Create Your Videos
  • Write Your Book
  • Prepare Your Workshop Manual


Fee Structure: 

1 NLP Subconscious Mastery Workshop 50,000/-
2 Success System: Train The Trainers [6 Day Residential Program] 1,70,000/-
3 Domain Name for 3 Years To be paid to service provider directly
4 Hosting for 3 Years To be paid to service provider directly
5 Customized Website Structure Design for a Trainer, Counselor & Coach 30,000/-
6 A Highly Efficient Web Development Tool for 1 Year To be paid to service provider directly
7 Complete Email Automation Software for 1 Year To be paid to service provider directly
8 Online Course: How to create Videos 15,000/-
9 Online Course: How to Write & Publish Your Book 10,000/-
  Total= 2,75,000/-
    + 18% GST


Offer Discount = 25,000/- 

Thus, Effective Cost = 2,50,000/-

Payment Structure & Schedule:

I Part:

30,000/- for  5 Day NLP Subconscious Mastery Workshop (5000/- Advance + 25,000/- on the First Day of Workshop)

II  Part:

1,60,000/- at the time of joining 6 Day Success System Workshop (80,000/- advance + 80,000 /- on the first day of workshop)

III Part:

60,000/- (By 10th of each Month you need to pay 10,000/-  for the next 6 Months, after  completion of Residential Workshop)

If you have any queries, you may reply to this mail or contact my Team at or +91 9654797152


  • 5 Day NLP Workshop: It's a Non-Residential Program, Breakfast + Lunch + Evening Tea cookies will be served from our side.
  • 6 Day Success System Workshop: It's a Residential Program, Breakfast + Lunch + Evening Tea cookies will be served from our side.
  • We own the rights to cancel the participant's registration anytime if find any inappropriate behavior.