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I'm Ved Prakash

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About Me

Hello, I am Ved and people know me for Transforming Lives At The Speed of Thought.

I specialize in helping Aspiring Motivational Speakers, Trainers, Counselors, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Corporate and those who have keen interest in learning NLP. I help them become a High Skilled person in their area and achieve their Outcomes (no matter howsoever big they seem to be).

Basic information

Personal Details

website: www.programyourmind.org

Location: Delhi, India

Born: Nov 7, 1984

Email: ved@programyourmind.org

the Purpose of my Life


I want to see a world where good people are extremely successful and they live their lives keeping life at  the center. They contribute to make this world a better place by their action and their presence.


My Mission is to serve my Vision by sharing my knowledge through my Tapes, Books, Videos, Seminars, Workshops, Conferences and Personal Interactions. And, to achieve Massive Success to prove that You can be extremely successful being good.


I'm Good At...

Helping people to walk out of their Problems, Make Big Goals, Build Strategies and Engage themselves into massive action. I also help people to master the skills that can create massive change in people's lives resulting in Earning Name, Fame and Wealth.

MY skills

I lead the field in Transforming Lives and my skills include:

Core Skills: 

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Subconscious Mastery.

Other Skills: 

Hypnosis, Positive Thinking, Counseling, Memory Techniques, Law of Attraction, Affirmations, Self-help, Leadership, Motivation, Life Skills, Mind Power, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Spiritual Science, Quantum Physics, Quantum Jumping & much more.

MY experience

Work Experience

I have spent more than 10 years in helping people as an NLP Subconscious Mastery Coach

  • Founder of Program Your Mind Organization
  • Director of NLP Technologies Private Limited
  • Author of "The Subconscious Mind" Book
  • Have viewers in over 100+ countries around the globe
  • People from different Countries are learning The Science of Mind through my Online NLP Video Course
  • 79,000+ YouTube Subscribers with the viewership of more than 4.1 Million
  • Addressed Audience as Keynote Speaker in 50+ Educational Institutes & Corporates


  • No Business Background
  • No Guidance or Mentoring to establish me in the Training Field
  • No Financial Backup for Huge Investment
  • No Budget to Brand Myself
  • very very low funds to advertise for my training


  • Studying Various Life Transforming Science since 1996
  • Helping my Network Team to speed rocket their business and spread in 32+ cities in just a matter of few months
  • Professionally Training People in 2010


  • Peak Performance Technology and almost all other skills that are used and taught by Tony Robbins.
  • Skills used by Richard Bandler, Jhon Grinder, Milton Erikson and other big names in the field of NLP & Hypnosis.


  • An MD of a Billion Dollar Company
  • A few Celebrities
  • A few Politicians
  • And, My Participants


Conventional Studies

AUGUST 2005 - JULY 2009

Computer Science

H.R. Institute of Technology, India

Completed my B.Tech in Computer Science but chose not to become an Engineer.

Area of expertise

My Work

vector image of nlp training where a man is training people on NLP

NLP Training

vector image of a person with flag in hand

Self Transformation

vector image of a man giving corporate NLP Training

Corporate Training


Client Testimonials


I was exploring about NLP over the internet and Ved’s interesting and highly useful content forced me to connect with him. I was deeply impressed with not only his thorough knowledge and expertise but also by his genuine dedication towards transforming the lives of the people who come in contact with him.

deepak mittal MD Sonalika Group of Companies

Dr. Deepak Mittal

MD, Sonalika Group


Overcoming my dilemma and joining Ved's workshop has been a blessing for me. The workshop has helped me in making improvements in my work and business. It has also helped in my personal growth. I remain indebted to Ved for sharing the empowering information with us. Thank you, Ved!

Shefali Singh Women Entrepreneur

Shefali Singh



I was both surprised and excited when I discovered how very powerful and result oriented NLP Sub-conscious Mastery is. Talk of Personal Development, Clarity, Leadership, Team Building and Motivation, the building blocks for success in Network Marketing and the fantastic results are there for all to see.  It is helping me big time in creating a strong and profitable business.


Manoj Agarwal

Founder Emerald, Amay


Joining Subconscious Mastery workshop of Ved gave me an amazing insight into my life. Implementing the techniques is giving me fantastic results in my personal life. I have a great tool in hand for achieving any desired outcome in my life.


dherander zee media person who has learnt NLP from Ved

Dherander Singh

Manager, Media


Ved has truly transformed my life. I have learnt so many things in his workshop. Ved is one of the best NLP Trainers in the country today and a wonderful person as well.

Rahul Gosavi Marathi YouTuber who has learnt NLP from Ved

Rahul Gosavi

Marathi YouTuber


My client list includes some of the most renowned Politicians and other celebrities. But when it comes to the ‘mind-science’, I consider Ved to be the ultimate authority on the subject. After learning NLP Subconscious Mastery from Ved, I have been able to create tremendous success not only for my own self but also for my various clients.

Ajatt Oberoi astrologer mumbai who has learnt NLP from Ved

Ajatt Oberoi

Celebrity Astrologist

Corporate Clients

Few of my Corporate Clients

let's get in touch

Contact Details

You are most welcome to get in touch with me and my team...


Phone number

+91 9654 797 152


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