Ved Prakash

It's not your Destiny that determines who You become, You determine what your Destiny will be".

Founder of Program Your Mind Organization and one of the most reputed NLP Trainer, Motivator, Business Consultant, Personal Counselor, NLP Coach for Corporate Companies, Author & truly a Life Transformer.
In his academics, he has earned his Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science degree from H.R Institute of Technology. He is a certified NLP Trainer & Coach from Applied Fundamentals of Neuro Linguistic Programming and member of & International Association of NLP Coaches.
Mr. Ved is a thorough learner and has deep knowledge of many Powerful Life Transforming Science & Techniques. The list includes Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Positive Thinking, Counseling,& Memory Techniques, Law of Attraction, Affirmations,& Self-help, Leadership, Motivation, Life Skills, Mind Power, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Spiritual Science, Quantum Physics, Quantum Jumping & much more. His vast knowledge forms the foundation for his powerful training & counseling sessions.
His purpose is to help people unleash their true potential & succeed in all their personal and professional endeavors. As a NLP Practitioner of deep knowledge and a keynote speaker he has inspired and addressed thousands of distinguished audiences and helped them to create change in their life.
Long back in 1996, while going through a book on Hypnosis he came to know about the unlimited powers & potential of the subconscious mind. Gradually, his interest developed in exploring mind & it's powers which disclosed a divine secret to him that & Whatever our sub-conscious mind accepts as reality- turns to Reality! This opened a new world of unlimited possibilities in front of him and gave a faith that each and every person can live a life of success.
Since then, along with his conventional studies from schooling to Software Engineering, he started searching for efficient ways to interact with the subconscious mind. Even during his conventional studies he was involved in providing Personal counselling, Motivational sessions & Entrepreneur mind-set building sessions. After completing engineering he took a strong decision of not joining any company as an engineer, rather, establish his own organization to continue with his passion & dream of empowering people.
Thus, the organization Program Your Mind came to existence. "It's not easy to break the conventional pattern of thinking but when you have a burning desire to turn your dream into a reality, you can overcome any obstacle" - says Ved.
PHD Chamber of Commerce, Iskcon, ITS Group of Institutes, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University , H.R. Group of Institutes, Sunbeam Group of Institutes, Professional Times, IAMR group of Institutes are some of the names from the large no of organizations that have been largely benefited by his training. He has been inspiring huge number of people through his Workshops, Seminars, Videos, Audios and Positive Mental Attitude Quotes. His audience include people from all walks of life like Students, Teachers, Management Heads, Chartered accountants, Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, Motivational Speakers, Counselors, Psychologists, Engineers, Doctors & the list is just endless. What makes him stand far ahead of other Trainers of the industry is his friendly nature and deep genuine desire to help people upgrade the quality of their life.
He has been consistently honored for his contribution in field of Self-Development by many educational organizations, NGOs and Corporate. His seminars, workshops, counselling sessions, open house motivational programs and customized Training based on NLP and other science are frequently conducted throughout the country.

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Ved Prakash

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