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Mega Seminars

Subconscious Mastery

Today, 9 OUT OF 10 PEOPLE don't get the success they want and thus live a life of FRUSTRATION & COMPROMISES. They don't realize that they have Unlimited Powers hidden in their Subconscious Mind.

Idea to Billion Dollar Business

Few Seminars have HIGH POWER MOTIVATION that can be Life Transforming. This video contains the Highlights of the Seminar IDEA TO BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS that took place in Delhi.

Training categories

vector image of nlp training where a man is training people on NLP

NLP Training

NLP is a Powerful Science. You can learn this science of Mind with me through an amazing System of Training, it will help You to Learn and Integrate the Knowledge & Skills of NLP into your life.

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Self Transformation

Are You really living the life that You want to live? If the answer is No, you need to Redesign it right now. This workshop will help you Develop the BLUEPRINT of your Desired Life and the Strategies to achieve Massive Success.

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Corporate Training

NLP works on the foundation belief that there are no unresourceful people but only unresourceful states of mind. Thus, I have developed specific NLP based modules to help Corporate attain the Zone of Excellence. 

Online Courses

A Powerful yet Simple Video-Based Course to learn this great Life Transforming Science called NLP. It will help you to learn its eye-opening concepts and Develop Mastery over NLP Techniques.

Learn any content faster, retain & recall it whenever required whether it be your exams, competitions, interviews or anything similar. This unique course will transform the way you learn the things.


What Participants are saying...


I was exploring about NLP over the internet and Ved’s interesting and highly useful content forced me to connect with him. I was deeply impressed with not only his thorough knowledge and expertise but also by his genuine dedication towards transforming the lives of the people who come in contact with him.

deepak mittal MD Sonalika Group of Companies

Dr. Deepak Mittal

MD, Sonalika Group


I was both surprised and excited when I discovered how powerful and result oriented is NLP. Talk of Personal Development, Clarity, Leadership, Team Building and Motivation, the building blocks for success in Network Marketing and the fantastic results are there for all to see.  It is helping me big time in creating a strong and profitable business.


Manoj Agarwal

Founder Emerald, Amway


I am a Life Coach from Canada. I joined Ved Sir's Workshop and joining his 5 Day Workshop is the most awesome experience of my life. I feel like I am going back home so much richer in learning and knowledge. I believe that what I have learnt will help in changing many lives.


Nazira Jamani

Life Coach, Canada


Ved Sir has truly transformed my life. I joined his NLP Based workshop in Mumbai and learnt so many things that were extremely powerful and magical. Later, I also joined his Online NLP Course to learn NLP deeply. I feel Ved sir is one of the best NLP Trainers in the country today and a wonderful person as well.

Rahul Gosavi Marathi YouTuber who has learnt NLP from Ved

Rahul Gosavi

Marathi YouTuber


Joining Subconscious Mastery workshop of Ved gave me an amazing insight into my life. Implementing the techniques is giving me fantastic results in my personal life. I have a great tool in hand for achieving any desired outcome in my life.


dherander zee media person who has learnt NLP from Ved

Dherander Singh

Manager, Media


My client list includes some of the most renowned Politicians and other celebrities. But when it comes to the ‘mind-science’, I consider Ved to be the ultimate authority on the subject. After learning NLP Subconscious Mastery from Ved, I have been able to create tremendous success not only for my own self but also for my various clients.

Ajatt Oberoi astrologer mumbai who has learnt NLP from Ved

Ajatt Oberoi

Celebrity Astrologist

Corporate Clients

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